The full Counsel Newsletter - No 368


(means, the 'love of Yah' constrains me)
Many are taught that faith operates by them loving people, this is not true and even makes people out to be co-redeemers and more than instruments and vessels. it is no doubt a theory of rebel Eve from the 'Eden Ecumenical Church'....Luke 16:29-31.
The subject matter here and the conversation was between St.Paul and the saints at Galatia regarding going on in 'the faith' by 'faith' and not going back to their old religious ways John

A genuine love for God is required for this to happen. Honey-Moon-Christians are a penny a dozen in the world today but the faithful remnant are still few and decreasing if bible scripture is still

People with genuine faith is what Father is looking for. Genuine faith is demonstrated in the manifestation of the NT Covenant in a man or woman's life, Jesus first and the left-overs for the neighbours etc.

Faith does not need our love to operate, Yahweh tells us that through Paul's Letter ref/1 Corinthians 13:2...'all faith' being the highlighted words in the verse. Faith operates through love not by us or anything outside of Him/Jesus. The glory belongs to Jesus....John 15:5...John 1:10.

No man or woman, human, can ever enhance the working or power of Yahweh, we are but instruments, vessels.......Colossians 1:29.

Having all faith but still not a dot or jot of love/agape love. Hence faith does not work by love in that sense. However, faith is not able to have it's way without a person doing what the doctrine of the Christ says, that kind of faith is dead, useless and forever observes the clouds and wind, price tags and bar codes are displayed instead.....Ecclesiastes 11:4.

What came first the chicken or the egg?......the creator Jesus says the chicken, reference Genesis chapter one. Love is so great (loving God first) it makes way for all other virtues of God to manifest and grow in a persons life. Which brings us to the paramount importance of Christ's Doctrine and obedience to it John

By using 'our' measure of faith which Father has given, we are then in the running to walk in the hope even great hope that never disappoints. Walking by faith, obedience to the Christ also enables us to trust/rest in the Christ, in, by and through Holy Ghost Power. Faith in anyone else or anything else is not faith working through Jesus/agape

For it is 'faith' in 'the faith' that waters and fertilizes all other virtues, fruits of the Christ. Will he find any faithful (in the faith/doctrine) when he comes? Or will he just find people saying....Jesus is Lord!?.....Luke 6:46.

To say you can have hope and trust in Christ without 'first' having faith is to say that there is another path to hope and trust in Yah outside of faith, God given faith. This is heresy, confusion, void of holy ghost leadership and the way of a robber and a thief....John 10:1.....Faith comes long before hope.......Romans 5:1-5.

Saved by grace through faith is the biblical process of salvation. Faith in the Christ being the key that unlocks the door to hope that does not disappoint and a trust that is continuous and void of faithless suspicion. Without faith there can be no hope, for faith is the substance (root) of hope as Jesus is the hope of the church-body of Christ. Hope and trust 'follow and are with' the man who walks by faith (in the faith/doctrine) in the Christ and none other.

To have faith in Christ is to be anchored in the harbour of his sweet holiness, the moment we lose faith our hope and trust fade and shipwreck is near, no longer anchored in him/Jesus......Hebrews 6:19, Romans 11:22, Hebrews 3:12-15.

Hope lives in the house called grace and you will never know him without 'faith'.....Romans 5:2.

Pastor Paul Sheehan