The full Counsel Newsletter - No 165


MARK   11:22.

HAVE FAITH ----------- IN GOD!

It is this particular scripture that is so often molested by would be teachers of the holy bible to sound something like this.............have the faith of God and have the God kind of faith...........2 Peter 3:16.

Dear reader, God does not need faith, never has and never will, full stop period.

Faith is a substance and God needs no substance and noone, he is above substances, above gold, silver, diamonds, he is above all, he is creator of all things seen and is man surrendered to God...........Proverbs 3:5,6.

For a professing doctor of bible theology to teach that christians are to ........have the faith of God is evidence that the so called doctor of theology has been taught and ordained by man and not the God who needs not faith.

The subtle deception of ......the God that operates by faith comes from the same book of teaching that the ........God  that never gets angry, never destroys cities, never cuts people off from his kingdom comes from........the book of the self deceived.......... .......Genesis 19:24, Exodus 32:26,27, Leviticus 10:1-7, Ezekiel 13:1-23, Romans 11:20-22, Revelation 19:11-16.  God operates by infinite power we operate by faith.

God almighty actually created the substance faith so that us poor little earth bound creatures could have the opportunity to escape our sin plagued miserable existances and follow Him along the most beautiful, powerful, wonder filled, clean, eternally rewarding road that has ever been built, that road is called the highway of holiness not the highway to hell..............Isaiah 35:8, 9.

Men and women who get into a church pulpit and proclaim that God did all things by faith and that he needs faith, hence have the God kind of faith.....these ones  are void of truth and should never leave their day jobs. Man uses faith!

Faith the substance is given to mankind in measure as he / God wills for his purposes and not ours. It's these same phoney.. ministers / church leaders who hold seminars, conferences  and the likes at top dollar prices and proclaim to teach on............the gifts of the holy spirit. If you are gifted my friend you need no teacher, it's as easy as picking your nose while you drive your car..............hello?

My dad was a gifted violin player and he said to me one sheets are just a boring burden, even though he could read music he said he would prefer to play by ear, he was a gifted violinist. If you have an ear hear what the holy ghost is saying to the churches, don't insult Him you might regret it.

Have faith in God dear reader and remember God needs nothing or noone he is the great I am. Let me ask you a question...................what comes first faith or the word?

The word is spoken then faith arrives, we need faith to speak the word but God is the word hence faith is something God gave mankind so that we are able to understand him. Humans need faith, God my God anyway..........he needs nothing!...........


Pastor Paul Sheehan