Discerning Spirits and Making Judgments

Spirit of Truth or Spirit of Error?....'in your church'

“And do not be conformed to this world but be ‘transformed’ by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” ..
ref/Romans 12:2.
Though it is still (surprisingly) possible to find a spiritually healthy and biblically relevant church in the world today, they are only a remnant. It is obvious that leaders in many of today’s churches are conforming more and more to the set expectations of people in society. It is not only their actions that are not unlike those of people in secular society, but their conforming to secular society has also seriously affected the ‘Doctrines’ taught in mainstream churches and other churches in these times.

A lot of the time in the churches today, it is a case of ‘Doctrines of Demons’ more so than Demons. However, it is very convenient to blame the devil and his demons rather than deal with the Adamic-heart, human flesh and pride isn’t it … this is wilful error/sin. click

The great prophet Jesus set an example with his teaching and actions. One key example shown in his teachings was that ‘he was not conformed to the world’ and was not worried about what people in society thought of his teaching, for his words are spiritual and are spiritually beneficial and practically helpful for all people in all societies today .. ref/Acts 3:23…. click


From my experience of attending certain churches in the world including in the cities of Frankfurt, Germany, Osaka and Sakai cities in Japan and in a large size church in Brisbane, Australia, I have found that ministers in these churches delivered … very little teaching based on Christ’s New Testament sayings ….. this is typical of the spirit of error.

Leaders in these churches did use the Holy Bible during sermons, but there was very little teaching about ‘discipline, righteous judgment and of discipleship’ as followers of Jesus. These three were major components of the ‘sayings of Jesus’ in the New Testament.

It is well known that there are worldly Christians, and there are ‘Spiritual, disciplined Christians …disciples.’ Some carnal Christians become spiritual later in their Christian walks if they learn and become committed to seriously following the sayings of the great prophet Jesus and the teachings of the early apostles sent by him.

On the other hand, some spiritual Christians are dedicated to doing the will of God and are diligent students of the Holy Bible but they later stop desiring to do God’s will and stop associating with spiritual believers in Christ, and they become Worldly Professing Christians. Major causes of their straying include inadequate biblical and spiritual teaching from their church leaders or material and sensual influences, distractions and unGodly enticements within their church structure and from within their own hearts, carnal friends or backslidden associates.

It is inevitable that a typical church will consist of younger and elder members of whom some are spiritually disciplined Christians and some carnal Christians, though some carnal church members are able to grow spiritually and progress in the revelation- knowledge of Jesus’ words. They are called children or babes because they are at an early stage in their spiritual walks as Christians and are not yet able to be mature spiritual people.

THE NUMBER ONE … existing problem in some churches which I formerly attended was that music was being prioritized and glorified above biblical teaching-The Word during church services. Music has its place in a church service but it is not meant to be the sole purpose for people to go to church or want to go to church. Would this not be the leading of a spirit of error?

ANOTHER PROBLEM THE SECOND… was that fund raising in the form of various secular like activities was a Big Theme in some of these churches, and these activities rarely involved offering spiritual help to people not attending that church.

It is biblical and acceptable for church members to donate to their local church, but it is not biblically acceptable for church leaders to charge set prices for those in the congregation to participate in activities run by that church. And for Christians to participate in church-led secular activities at a set price is not a case of following the example of the great prophet Jesus or of the early apostles. There is a spirit of error operating here… beware!.
It is not the job of church leaders to organize and advertise secular activities for church members. It is Marketing and is making the church into a Commercial Enterprise. Yet they profess to believe in the trinity and that the Holy Spirit is God Almighty and that they are led by the Holy Spirit.

But are they being led by the Holy Spirit when they simply imitate people in secular society? Is the example that they set pleasing to Jesus?.......... ref/2 Corinthians 5:15 .. selah.

They say they believe that Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit in His ministry. But are they following his example in their own ministries/church or are they being led by a spirit of error and a spirit of error leading that ministry/church.

THE THIRD … and the most significant problem that I have noticed in the time that I attended these churches was the serious lack of Spiritual and Highly Relevant New Testament Teaching given to church members. Instead of majoring on ‘Revealing Important Truths’ within Jesus’ sayings, the church leader’s methods were more about Conforming to Society and Conforming to the typical ways of the modern mainstream (Worldly) churches…. This is a spirit of error without question. Jesus is no doubt outside knocking as per the Church at Laodecia.

It is not uncommon to have a combination of carnal and spiritual Christians in a church, but all members of Christ’s church should be aiming to become more spiritual and more informed believers in Christ. However, if the theme of a church sermon is in some way encouraging Materialism, Prosperity and Popularity, then it is obviously aimed at pleasing Worldly People in the congregation, and it is not going to help them spiritually or save their souls … this is a spirit of error and needs to be rectified through repentance …………….. ref/1 Timothy 4:16, Galatians 1:10.

It will not help Christians to walk on the straight and narrow road of holy and biblical living, and it certainly does not appear to be even remotely related to following any teaching of the great prophet Jesus. So which spirit is leading these people? Is it the Holy Spirit, or is it the spirit of error?.... ref/Acts 20:20.

People require spiritual discernment. This form of discernment does not arise from walking a wide road of conformity to a modern sinful society. The sayings of Jesus Christ are spiritual, and Christians need spiritual guidance from a church leader who is spiritual, honest and who really knows the Will of Christ and wants to do his will. The words of Christ work effectively in those who believe him. His words give straight and righteous spiritual direction to honest ministers, and these Words –Oracles feed, guide land satisfy the local churches which they lead.

Are we being led by the Holy Spirit or are we instead conforming to the expectations of those we are familiar with at our local church and within society at large? Are we doing the will of Christ Jesus, or are we simply being controlled by various levels of human authority existing within mainstream or independent churches? Are you a professing church leader being led by church members but not actually being led by the Holy Spirit?... click

The prophet Haggai said, “Consider your Ways.”… sooner or later we all come to this consideration, place … openly or secretly, with our conclusion either for Jesus or against Jesus but there can be no partiality if one is to be saved from sin, self, satan, the wrath to come and hell fire. This is the spirit of truth speaking.

Yahweh Victorious!

“I will sing unto the Lord,
For He has triumphed gloriously!
Horse and rider thrown into the sea!

The Lord my God.. my strength my song,
He has become my victory/salvation.
My Lord is God, and I will praise Him;
My Father is God, and I will exalt Him.

The Lord is a man of war;
Yahweh is His name.
ref: Exodus 15:1-3.

The words written here are a reference from the ‘Song of Moses’ in the Holy Bible. It is written that Moses and the people of Israel sang Moses’ song after Yahweh defeated Pharaoh’s army, the Egyptians at the Red Sea. This is an inspiring song indeed, because it illustrates an important writing in the Old Testament about Yahweh delivering his chosen people from the hand of their enemies. God has not changed ,he is the same today.


The prophet Moses had great faith in the Lord Yahweh, and he set a courageous example of leadership as he led the Jews who were with him when they escaped from Egypt. Moses’ faith was in the Power and Good will of the Lord Yahweh, and Moses was strengthened and encouraged through trusting in him. It is an impossibility to please God without faith … ref/Hebrews 11:6.

The Apostle Paul also taught the church to be brave and to be strong, but he not only told them but also set an example of strength, resilience and bravery by his actions.

According to Old Testament writings, the early Jews were enslaved in Egypt under an oppressive ruler, and they feared those who ruled over them. However, God had mercy on them, and they were provided with two men, Moses and Aaron to lead them out of their miserable situation and into a Promised Land. But the freedom and peace that would come with following Yahweh could only be ultimately experienced by those who ‘persevered with believing in him’.

Disobeying Yahweh and rejecting him proved to be the downfall of many who were led by him out of Egypt according to Scripture………….‘The Lord is a Man of War.’ ref: Exodus 15:3.

Yes; make no mistake about this. The Lord Jesus came to the earth to bring division, and He has been highly successful in dividing His followers from pretender unto Himself. Are you his follower or his opponent? Even Jesus’ faithful followers have numerous enemies today and Lord Jesus has taught that they will hate His followers because they actually hated Him first .. click

Nevertheless, take courage because the Lord is certainly wiser than his enemies, and they will not ultimately prevail against Him, nor will they wipe out all of his true followers, which are His Church …. ref: Revelation 17:14, Matthew 16:15-18………click

It is easy work for the Lord to do miracles, including dividing the seas and leading his people through paths that they would dare not trek without him. Even in these times, he is able to convert his opponents to serve him and to befriend his chosen people. And He gives rest to those who are troubled by their ungodly opponents …… ref: 2 Thessalonians 1:3-10.


You will make your own judgment about what you believe. You will decide if you wish to follow the example of Christ Jesus or whether you will oppose his sayings in the New Testament or whether you will neither follow his example nor speak against it. God does not force people to follow him . People make their own choices and their own judgments and we shall all reap the consequences thereof. This is love as we know it through truth/Christ ……..click

February 2012