"Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Message"

Certainly one that ruffled no feathers of any gender, agenda, religion, culture or creed. I think they call it keeping the peace. The following is a JTCM-Mission critique of the Queen’s official Christmas Message.

 As per usual it was very much humanistic, there was a percentage of her speech dedicated to the licking of the wounds of many who were affected by the devastating-onslaught layed upon the Nation of Australia and the world at large in 2011. Yet the unchanging Word of God remains .....”we all reap what we sow”, don’t we. A good reminder for 2012 I believe................click

So many and most disappointing and heartbreaking experiences, times can be deleted from our lives if we simply just ... accept the truth of the Word of the Christ/God by obeying it.

From which Elizabeth’s Message then escalated to the exaltation of ‘Family and Friends’ which she says begets hope. There was a One-World Global Village odour about the speech also and of course as usual the baby-boy-Jesus got the dregs of the speech stitched on the end but nothing too challenging to anyone in the sin-department. No dear reader, Jesus is first and foremost in the true believers life, all humans (even soul winning) are second just as the New Covenant Agreement Commands ... ref/Psalm 71:5, Matthew 22:36-40 .. selah.

Outside of that, there was an AOG minister who reported of an unnamed Presbyterian Church Minister who apparently spoke with the Queen while she was in Scotland and he proclaimed that the Queen was ‘truly’ Born-Again ... click

How he discerned this and arrived at this is anyone's guess, given the present-day teachings and associates of the Anglican Churches/Churches of England and given that Presbyterians are mostly if not all ..... ‘Absolute Predestinationers’.

Hence have no real biblical qualification or ability to correctly judge what is true or false or any other matter regarding Salvation to the Uttermost for they themselves are not in right standing with God to start with, first the plank removalists need to be called in ... ref/Matthew 7:5 ... click

All ‘salvation by election‘  peoples are actually carrying about with them and propagating false teaching and the likes of these will not enter the kingdom of Messiah ..... click

It is made very clear through infallible bible-script that the Ecumenical-Mindset/Heart has no part with the separated Holy-Remnant of the Christ.

God Save the Queen!
Pastor: Paul Sheehan
You tube channel ... JUVY679



Jesus the Christ says to the churches of the world.........
"Anoint your eyes with eye-salve in 2012".