The full Counsel Newsletter - No 264

BUT WHY DO YOU CALL ME LORD, LORD AND DO NOT DO THE THINGS WHICH  I SAY..............................LUKE 6:46................SELAH!


There has to be a selah on this scripture, especially in these flaky days we live. Most of us have heard of the 'onced saved always saved' approach to salvation or the once saved can not be lost or the absolute predestination teaching. Well, I read about a new one now it is called.......once saved really saved.....can you believe it?.....(re: CETF - Phil Powell/December 2004, issue 31)

No man or woman can ever think about boasting what they did to be saved for the simple reason God Almighty gave us the faith and grace not just grace but faith and grace (the tools) to do what he has called us to do and be, end of story. Faith and grace are the only tools needed and once again I say they are given to us not only to be born-again but also to run and finish the race of faith (not the race of grace) and receive as our prize the crown of life. If there be any (without partiality) who use not these tools provided by God or use them for a season and then go back to their own ways they shall be utterly destroyed......Acts 3:23, 2 Timothy 2:5. 2 Timothy 4:7.

Some like to think that fruit, bearing fruit of the spirit is a sign that a soul is right with God, in Christ and saved from hell fire but I don't for one minute. All because there were churches within the seven churches of the book of revelation who bore fruit....perseverence, patience, love, etc; however Jesus counsel was, if they did not repent from their present sin they would be put into darkness, he would come and fight them with his word, cast them into sick beds and kill the children of jezebelic teachers, others he would spew out of his mouth like you do with vomit........John 15:22...(click here)

You will nearly always find that those who believe that St Paul done sin in his converted state (known sin) and those who believe in absolute predestination are bedfellows. They go together like a horse and carriage, ask the local gentry and they will say it's elementary.....(click here)

Tared with the same brush so to speak but you can be sure it was not the brush that brother Noah tared the ark with for the tar/pitch that Noah would have used would have stopped every leak. There was no holes in Noahs doctrine, it was no doctrine of men or women or satan. This accounts for his lean congregation who were by no means lean of soul.................Psalm 25:14, Psalm 106:15.............selah!

Because messiah said that he will come at a time no man or woman knows we can be assured and reassured today, that .......... .....salvation is now!.........and that now is the time of salvation. So what is hell's best kept secret?...........Luke 21:36.

  • The answer is,  you can forfeit your salvation/birthright.....Hebrews 10:29.....amen.
                          (call for the audio today - FB/192)

    P.S.....I read this in the CETF magazine the other day..."our dependency is wholly on the lord and our sufficiency is in him". Then I found a resource catalogue that promoted CD, DVD, video and audio, books and tracts. Resource catalogues are great but let's leave off the price tags/bar codes and depend wholly on him, as did the men of the holy bible......(click here).

Pastor Paul Sheehan