The full Counsel Newsletter - No 470


(country and World with an eternally important notice)

We always make distinction by holy ghost power through discernment by faith in the faith/doctrine of the Christ, this way it is

In the first week of Jan/2009 I was preaching the Christ in the Brisbane CBD and from where I was standing I saw a man in a public phone booth trying to make a call. he looked very desperate, a little grubby and wore no shoes.

This man was about 35 years old, a man of means by no means. I found out later that his name was James. He heard me and spotted me preaching, so he eventually came to me and asked me for 50c to make a call, so I gave the coin and he went back to the booth. He then came back to me disappointed that his call was in vain.

It was about 5.30am at this time and James told me that he had gotten drunk the night before, landed himself in a fight and then the lock-up. I looked closely at James and felt very sad for him and said to him.."Do you know what I see when I look at you?....I see me before I met Jesus".

James looked up at me and a river of tears gushed out of his eyes, he then hung his head and cried out......"I'm stuck here on my own, I know no one, I have no money and my mother is in a wheelchair at home. I'm her carer, what am I going to do"?

Then I said to James, "James, Jesus has already done it...he seen this day before you entered it".

James reply was..."But, when the cops let me out of the lock-up this morning they said to me.......go on get out, you're on your own now, go ya way".

I said to James, that's garbage, as you can see, I'm here, you're not on ya own at all, Jesus has provided you with one of his servants to serve you, what do ya want?

My name is Paul, it means little, teacher and communicator. All James wanted was to get home, so we walked to the nearest train station and got him his ticket, supplied him with a good dose of the Christ's Doctrine/Way (DVD, book, tracts) and gave him a big hug, by this time James was in tears again, only this time there was a smile on his face as well. When the man at the ticket office seen me give James discs/book, he then wanted a dose of the good oil....glory!

I counseled James before he left saying Jesus is near to the broken-hearted but he can not deliver us or give us victory over our weaknesses and sins unless out heart is also contrite and that he needs to go home and have a good look at himself in the light of the resources I gave him. Isn't Jesus wonderful? alive! 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!

JTCM's itinerary in 2009?.....By my spirit says Yahweh!....Amen and Amen.

P.S. We continue to pray for James  maybe you could too, Jesus will know exactly who you are talking about, remember, Jesus was the one who seen him in the pub the night before....Jesus is Omniscient, so give him the preeminence in your life today, it's heaven. I love the smell of rice paper/the bible in the morning...glory!!!!!

Pastor Paul Sheehan