The full Counsel Newsletter - No 471


(barbarian antics are not holy and move me not)
The keeping of 'Jesus Words' is obviously paramount, however appears optional in today's churches and amongst the religious ones. Jesus was talking to spiritually dead Jews on this occasion and boy, were they angry with him.....John 8:48.

This was the passage Father gave me regarding my encounter with three 'professing' christians recently, 31.1.2009 in a shopping centre environment. There was a New Guinea man and two Samoans, one male and one female distributing religious tracts (with the name Mick Alexander on the bottom whoever he is) around the shopping centre. Whether he endorses these people or not I don't know. I know I certainly wouldn't.

I passed these people and got a real bad witness about their presence in the centre, so I first got a few groceries and then took them home and went back to the centre to see what they were about and I surely found

On approaching them I was greeted with a hand shake from the Samoan man, he was about 30years old. When I asked these people what their message was they gave me an outline but when I continued to ask questions about the Christ and his doctrine they became annoyed and got angry....Romans 8:36, Matthew 24:1-8.

Before long the Samoan woman was ordering me to go and I had three fingers furiously waving in my face which were attached to three angry peoples, I was bewildered. I believe iron sharpens iron and we all must be ready to give account of what we believe to all, for the Christ's Glory but this was not civil at all.

So what is all this anger about? I asked them what church they belonged to and they refused to tell me, in fact they avoided it with all their strength. The young Samoan man was the first to put his hand out at me and say..."come out of him satan and be gone". Prior to this he said in front of all, that holy ghost told him I was a pastor, I knew there was something wrong but I needed a second witness and it came speedily. The fruit of the spirit-holy ghost was not there (it was more like a religious cult behaviour).

The New Guinea man who was about 50years old then started his raving at me with "come out of him satan I command you"!.....things were very restless now and I knew what I was up against. Finally the two Samoan's gave up trying to cast the demons out of me (that weren't there) and walked on, leaving me with the New Guinea bloke. Hang on, wasn't the demon possessed supposed to leave/be gone? Stand over tactics don't work with Pastor Sheehan, because I don't fear

Because the other two left I decided to sit down next to the NG bloke on the bench and have a closer talk. As soon as I sat down the NG bloke shoved his hand in my face and started to mumbo-jumbo me, telling me to be gone again and telling satan to come out of me and he got to the place where he would not allow me to speak by smothering my mouth with his hands. Sound Christian????

I told this man I fear no man or devil, I fear one, Jesus the Christ the only one who has the authority and power to cast me into eternal-living-hellfire, he didn't like this and I was getting tired of his smelly hand in my face so I stood up. He stood up also and charged at me again with his smelly hand saying like a parrot "be gone!..satan go your way" this time his mates were well and truely departed so he too had to retreat. Beware dear reader these are the last days and many have gone out in the name of Jesus but are not of him. Beware of people handing out brochures with the name Mick Alexander on them they may be violent. What kind of watchman/prophet 'warns not' the people?...only a coward.

● Always test the spirits! do you do that?....give them the scriptures and the doctrine of the Christ and stand back and watch what they do and

P.S. The reason why Australian families, society, youth and crime is in the position it's in today is because there is no one with the guts to stand up to the thugs and expose them and sentence them...ref/David, Goliath, selah.

Pastor Paul Sheehan