The devil lives his dreams when the truth is silenced..............
Recently I decided to try my hand at this 'Blog Stuff' and I quickly came to see that it's not about the freedom of speaking your heart felt thoughts on issues, rather much more about compromise and partiality. Why bother even commenting when you have someone in the background fiddling with your words. At the end of the day, who knows who said what and why?......Not my cup of tea, that's for sure. Jesus wasn't Pro-male, female, colour, race, status, denomination or religions of any variety, he was and is Pro-Truth, Equity and Anti-Sin, come what may. Partiality is sin, isn't it?

I placed a few comments on the CWM/Christian Witness page and got the right foot of fellowship real quick when I started to touch on a few home truths regarding women in churches, divorce, adultery and the thoughts of the mind and heart.

Inflammatory and Defamatory were the words used in the brief notice I received regarding my most recent comment on the 'CWM Blog'. So what about St. Paul's writings and comments on the young man who was having sex with his mother in the writings of.....1 Corinthians 5:1.......Inflammatory, Defamatory?.......St. Paul said to feed this young man to the devil.......verse 5. St. Paul was a man that got to the root and the conscience of the matter.....praise the name of Jesus!....for such an example, he pulled no punches for

Crikey, I only got about three or four goes, then they changed the rules/tack of the page, deleting certain lines of my comment and left the entire comment a little hard to grasp. Pretty slack I thought, definitely no forbearance or fair dealing/equity to be seen.

Cherry picking the comment for the sake of the religious slackers of Christendom and Society at large. Could you imagine 'Jesus the Christ' moderating and editing people's heart felt comments toward him and the issues of the day or anything regarding His Church......come on now, he actually taught the opposite. Jesus told people to be honest, one time he said to Peter......"Never mind what others say about me, who do you say, think I am"?

The Christ was no average man, neither are his comments on sin, hell, evil, immorality, Jezebels, Ahab's, Eli's, Judas's or Salvation anything average. The Christ is the extremist to end all extremists in the extremist realm. He told people not to go to their father's funeral but follow him, he told prostitutes to prostitute no more, he told homosexuals, liars, thieves and hypocrites they are heading to hell if they don't

He told the religious leaders of his day they were snakes and hypocrites, he told men if they left their wife, children, lands, possessions and religions for him and his Kingdom he would reward them

And he told his mother Mary that if she didn't want to do what Father's Word says she was nothing to do with him..........moderator??????????????????????........hello??????????????

And CWM like to splurt out their disapproval of AOG Churches who compromise with the Australian Government and all kinds of religious politics of all belief systems for the sake of 'Financial Grants and Land Grants' but they themselves are really not much better, just in a smaller league that's all. There is only one judge, moderator who presides over the True Church and Messiah's Ministers-Mouths at the end of the day, he is 'Jesus the Christ'. To moderate truth is to dine with the devil. Could the truth ever be average or moderated?.......can a leopard change its spots?

I truly don't see any value in these talk-back shows, blogs and twitter-twits slapping each other on the cheek, pinching each other under their religious tables with their word-play comments and talking in circles.

Some even backtrack and eat their own vomit verbally and willingly to maybe just keep the relationship smoldering between them and some influential idiot in society who has a rather big platform with a rather big audience. Well, no one wants to be alone do they, that Jesus is not much company apparently, so they say, believe, well, a dog is man's best friend, so who is a woman's best friend.....let me guess, diamonds? Surely a case of stopping all stations and going
  • Here's what I said to Wayne Capell...............with reference to Mr. Todd Bentley's apparent divorce .......which in turn brought on the 'Moderator Police' the original blog was about.......Phil Powell's book/Gathering the Faithful Remnant. Not that I commented on his book for I haven't read it neither do I intend to but I somehow got into conversation about doing Christianity the Christ's Way, for a change.
  • I gather the real question is, how faithful are we to the Christ and his doctrine?....not to wayward communities and their wayward churches or do we choose Moderation that we may not get off side with anyone that could turn out to be instrumental in supporting our self-ordained earthbound visions, agendas and man-dates.
Firstly, the bloke whose comment I was replying to was 'Wayne Capell' I think he might be an AOG fellow at heart. Anyway, Wayne was chatting about how spiritual the 'Gnostics' thought they were and I'm glad I'm not a 'Gnostic' for they obviously don't know or do as the Lord says, Script says......"We are the temple of the Holy Ghost".

Wayne eventually got around to sticking the knife into Todd Bentley, some Pentecostal Hero within his religious organistaion I guess and he made mention of his apparent divorce and his -re-marriage to his secretary which I know nothing of. So in my comment on this issue I simply said that.......

"I don't know Bentley and I don't know if he divorced his wife and I don't know the full story on what really happened. But this I do know.....that the women of today are sticklers for bringing dark clouds of doubt over the heads of men who they were once associated with or married to when it comes to divorce and when it comes to women not getting their selfish agendas and passions fulfilled. They can become very snaky and vicious to say the least ...ref/Potiphar's Wife and the rubbish lies she tried to pin on St. Joseph.

But it didn't work, the satanic-mud didn't stick for the water of the Word/The Truth washes all the rubbish talk and lies down the drains of hell, back to where they came from.......glory to the Lamb!!!!!.....and besides, didn't Jesus say that it is OK to divorce an 'immoral woman'. And he also said through St. Paul that......."There is no condemnation for those who do what the Christ Says".

And that the same Jesus also said that if a man 'or woman' even so much as looks at another man or woman , with unclean thoughts in their heart they too have committed Adultery there and then. Hell will be bulging at the borders for sure.

And I also said in my comment to Wayne Capell that I Believe without a doubt, that there are many women in churches today not just men but women too, who are on their way to hell because of their immoral hearts...the pastor doesn't know, the husband doesn't know, the children don't know, the community may not know and sometimes the individual woman doesn't even know.....all because she has either been handed over to her immorality by God or she believes in the false teaching of..................

'The Mythical God of Love who covers a Multitude of Unrepented Sins'. And she believes this because this fits in with her social life and her. Even 'Absolute Predestination'.....saved by Grace, no faith-obedience to the doctrine of the Christ required,, needed. Yes, the tares are growing at a rapid rate, it's a sign of the

But the Christ knows all things and all hearts are layed bare to him who will judge the hearts of the living and the dead without partiality. And the day will come when he says to many ....."Go away from me. I don't want to know you".....there will be weeping and gnashing of the teeth on that

I then added to "that, that there are so many out there right now, who have 'seemed' to have been so holy and acceptable to the Mainstream Churches and their Community all their lives......from Grade 1.....all the way to their final examination at the Bible College of 'their' choosing but their hearts were actually blacker than the coal miners of Wales'".....(end of comment).

There were other things said in my comment on this blog also but it is 'the above' wording that was deleted, supposedly for the benefit of the 'whole Christian? community' says the CWM/Blog Moderator/Editor. Yes, we care so much about the religious communities today that we are very careful not to let them in on the real goings on in churches, no better than the Media and its News telecast worldwide, they only tell you what 'they' see fit to and what will fit in with their program and advancement. But all along 'their' ratings are rank

The following is my exit comment to the 'CWM/Christian Witness Ministries...Blog Page'

Dear Mr. Moderator......I have no choice but to cease commenting on this blog (now you can relax) for the simple reason you choose to leave out-delete deliberately the 'juicy truth-filled bits' (essential sentences, so to speak) that I wrote in my last comment....'we must be careful not to upset the 'Jezebels' in the churches mustn't we'.........

Ahab would not be happy at all and besides, the entire blog is really a waste of my valuable time.....the entire blog smells of partiality and partiality is sin.....hope you all have a good time wasting your time. The Ecumenical Christian Community would not be interested in (the truth) what I have to say anyway, let's face's all about what the community wants not (thus says the lord Jesus) I said and have said for years to deaf ears 'The Church of the Second Command' is the last days church of the moment, sin begets deafness.............hello?..............glory halleluyah!..........Romans 15:13.

You can not defame a sinner, they are already at the bottom of the heap and hell bound, no matter what status, colour or gender and the truth doesn't (inflame) make saints angry but happy. Love rejoices in the truth......ref/3 John verse 4.

The truth begets freedom, if

Pastor: Paul Sheehan, JTCM-Mission, Australia.......... Email........ Also

9th July 2011.

Postscript....This article was written for the simple reason that the words that I originally penned on the CWM Blog were not given to the peoples therefore I decided to give them myself direct, at least to the viewers of this web site and fellowship. Holding back nothing that may be

"God has a sense of humour"......have you ever heard this comment? you know where to find the scriptures that show you God's Sense of Humour? they are here........ref/Psalm