Billy Graham ..a buddy of a buddy of Hitler.. What?..(the more popular the Preacher the more watered down the message)



It shouldn’t surprise us that Billy Graham became famous, seeing he was promoted right from the beginning of his career by the ‘Randolph Hearst Newspaper Empire’.

Ever wonder how he became so popular so quickly.?.. Hearst is well known in America as being a Freemason… Click

Evangelist Billy Graham recalls .. in his new book the Pivotal point in his Young Ministry when, during a 1949 Los Angeles crusade, a two-word directive from publisher William Randolph Hearst to "Puff Graham" (meaning, give him great publicity) made him an Instant Celebrity Nationwide. It is widely written and known that ‘Hearst the Freemason’.. (not Jesus the Christ) .. made Graham a Superstar through his Newspaper. And I’m sure that Jesus let it all go on for the separating of sheep from goat ultimately

From the very beginning Roman Catholic Priests attended Graham’s Rallies and many of the (supposed) decisions for Christ and (supposed) converts were gently and lovingly ushered straight into the Roman Catholic Church-System. This tells us of the true heart of Graham to start with ..

But we have Paul Washer another rising star in the religious world who says that “Billy Graham is a Lovely and Kind man”.. he says this on his ‘Shocking Youth Message’ on You Tube .. the 37-38th min.

Hearst apparently had a personal meeting with Hitler after he became Chancellor of Germany… interesting. Was Hitler a friend of the True Church of the Christ? Absolutely not but he was Roman Catholic at heart …..

Bro: Paul Ryan–China … ‘Church News Abroad’ .. 17.7.2012

PS .. And to think that the very popular ’Paul Washer the (White-Washed) Southern-Baptist’ is a keen admirer of Billy Graham.