Dear Reader,


There is no other way that leads to heaven, eternal life, peace of mind, joy, unspeakable and fathomless love... John 14:6 * John 10: 7-21 * John 5:39-4 7.

Jesus said I am the way and I am was... before Abraham, this is thus says the Lord, therefore infallible, absolute and unchangeable. This is the incredible character of my Jesus, He is perfect. And He said we too will be perfect just as our Father in heaven is if we do what He says... Matthew 5:43-48.

Satan the devil, the deceiver, the serpent of old... tells people that they could never be holy, perfect and pure, satan says its impossible but Jesus says if you follow Me/I am the way... you will be holy, perfect and pure.

When Jesus said I am the way, He basically said that all other ways lead to darkness, hellfire and destruction of the soul for eternity. The religious leaders of Jesus' day didn't like to hear this. The way of Jesus was spoken of as narrow, in fact... Jesus said the way is narrow. What did society really think of Jesus the Christ?... let us search the scriptures...

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces from Him... he was despised and we did not esteem Him... Isaiah 53:3.

Isaiah the prophet provides the whole of the existing world with the truth about the Christ/Messiah. Men and women, despised Him, they hid from Him, they didn't want to talk to Him/their creator and they gave Him no favours, no high position in the earth... no my friend, Jesus was no flamboyant, flattering, church leader. They esteemed Him not!... they treated Him like a leper.