Dear Reader,

The voice of one crying in the wilderness.. prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight... Matt 3:3.

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How many were crying out?... how many were telling the people to prepare for the Lord God, Jesus the Christ was coming?... my Bible tells me there was but one... how many one!... Isaiah 56:10-11... Micah 7.1-7.

Well what were the other preachers and ministers preaching and teaching about at this time in Israel?... the same thing they are preaching about in the world today in most churches and synagogues... money, possessions, fame and gain.

My precious brother Mark died only recently on the 29/08/01, from a heart attack.

He was to have his 46th birthday on the 30/09/01, he never saw that day. Mark walked with Jesus the Christ, yes he was a follower and worshipper of the Christ Jesus, he was in the world but certainly not of it... praise God.. Ecclesiastes 9:12.

I rejoice that he has gone on because what is coming is nothing that anyone would want to be part of. I was only thinking upon my brother's sudden death and holy ghost said to me... warn the people to flee the wrath to come!... Psalm 14.

Holy Ghost quickened me to warn all that I come in contact with that Lord Jesus is returning to tread out the grapes of wrath... He shall tread the winepress of the fierceness and the wrath of almighty God... Revelation 19:11-16.

I firmly believe that my brother was blessed to go on ahead of me for as the days pass by the enticements of this world and satan will wax strong and the standards in the earth will deteriorate... leading to ungodliness never seen, as in the days of Noah. I shall continue to cry out repent and be forgiven! The master comes, is your heart clean?... Psalm 15.. Luke 24.47.

My friend, to receive Jesus as saviour is only the beginning, we all must now pick up our cross and deny ourselves daily, following Jesus/Messiah to the very end. Jesus has no pleasure in them who go back to the world.
REF ROMANS 11:22 * HEBREWS 10:26-39