The full Counsel Newsletter - No 464

MARK 10:50


It's a well known fact and writing of the holy bible that Adam and Eve sinned, this was considered 'original sin' and it was initiated by the woman....

Great and strong was the trouble bore upon the human race for this action of the first man and first woman and we are still seeing the wages thereof this very day and it is now 2009. The end being eternal damnation for all the unrepentant.

I want to make mention today of yet another sad and tragic outcome of this original sin initiated by the woman Eve and this is a 'a shattering of trust between men and women, husband and wife'. This suspicion and mistrust is only alive where there be a marriage or relationship where the Christ is not

Which leads us to our scripture at the top of this letter today. Yes, "the throwing away of 'our old garments', ways, lives, religious or otherwise".

In Adams day it was "where the woman went the man followed" and it was a total disaster and still is today. This is the primary sign of the fallen nature of men and women brought about through 'the sin of their own'.

However, the born-again nature, the 'Messiah's Way' has men lead women and men follow Yahweh and no other God, not Mary the dead village girl, not denominations of money making men and women's religions but the only true and living God, Jesus the Christ. Anything else is hanging onto your old garment the beggars garment the defeated garment the known-sin garment the religious garment and the garment of blindness. Come to the wedding and be re-robed with a robe of righteousness 'through faith in the faith'....amen?

Where fallen women go fallen men follow and this will never change until the individual wills to give the Christ the preeminence in their

It is degenerate, unfeminine, masculine and even jezebelic for a woman to even think of leading a man, husband or church. This is expected to be prominent in the last days because Jesus tells us forever throughout the entire bible of last days teaching, antics, leadership and church climate. And it is all contrary to the plumb-bob/the doctrine of the

Throw aside your blind-beggarly-garments of religion and first-birth ancestral trees, genealogies, wives tales and heretic teachings and lay hold of the truth, the doctrine of the Christ, have your eyes opened and

If you pass the buck for your selfish intentional decisions of willful sin like Adam and Eve or if you are unlike Bartimaeus who threw his old garment aside to come to Jesus and humbly ask for sight you are no doubt 'lost' and hell bound. The quiet and the gentle spirit is the hallmark of the Godly - Feminine.

Jesus is not the answer, neither is Father, Holy Ghost or the holy bible, these are all the power behind the answer. The answer is 'Repentance'!!!! true repentance. If we repent and follow Jesus up to the light/knowledge we have all shall be well with our soul we shall evenn be saved to the uttermost...Mark

Pastor Paul Sheehan