The full Counsel Newsletter - No 403


(there is no freedom without Jesus as God


It's said every day and world-wide that Australia is a Democratic Country, I am yet to see and believe that. We see prime ministers flanked by ecumenical prophets (profits) offering the indigenous of the country official recognition (in their own land) within the constitution and invalids are thrown a few (bones) extra dollars, tax cuts for everyone (as well as ongoing interest rate rises) and all of this is directly associated with re-election. It all sounds very much like bribing and buying peoples, whatever it is said to be, it is clear to all with a brain it is treating people cheaply and further insults indigenous people across the land.

Denial of access to web sites by so called smart filters that call, describe christian web sites as .... Pornography....and at the same time claim that they are looking out for the people of the country. On the same footing State Schools hire Chaplains on budget prices and I have to ask the question......"What sort of Chaplain would work for a government that classifies a thoroughly christian web site as Pornography"?

Government Smart Filters are a cunning way for One-World Governments and One-World Churches and Ecumenically persuaded Chaplains to control and dominate the minds and impressions of multitudes

All of this is very cleverly masked under the usual headings of love, unity, peace and safety which makes it all so much more the viler and disgusting. Pastor Danny Nalliah of AOG (a man who sups with anti-jew organisation, ALOR) a ECM prophet befriended by the 'Howard-Anglican-Government' actually sang the praises of a paedophile church leader, the late Frank Houston/AOG, father of Brian Houston Hillsong Australia at the 2007 National Thanksgiving Day in Melbourne. Let's hope Danny gets a revelation of what he has done, what sin is and what he is doing before it's too late......Surely these are salt shakers without

The standard, judgements and acceptability of all materials are being filtered by unGodly people and people who have not their roots in the doctrine, teachings of the Holy Bible, although there may be the few that would be among them that may even 'claim' to be christian of one variety or

Jesus is the only one who is able to give the spirit of love, power and a sound mind hence who are these (dumb dogs) ones behind all decision making under the heading of.......Smart Filter...........are they sane or insane?......2 Timothy 1:7...Selah.

It has been said that when the anti-christ raises his ugly head that he will be the answer to all things, at least he will appear as such. He will be offering peace, safety, freedom from famine and unity and according to holy-bible-filtering he will deceive multitudes with his lies. And Jesus will let him, all because multitudes refuse to be taught and led by Jesus the Christ.....2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Love will be the catch word, as I have prophesied for 15 years plus. Satan will have his last haul of gullible, sinful, rebellious peoples through the satanic dragnet of 'superficial love' a love without 'holy-bible-filtered truth'. The presentation of another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel with budget chaplains with budget-bible-doctrine that does not offend sinners or cut across new age standards, genealogies, wives tales and myths, santa claus, Pinocchio and garden gnomes, homosexuality and lesbianism, gay Reverends and Amazon Woman Bishops. A glossy gospel of fables of men and women

Claiming to be wise they became fools. What is needed is 'Holy Filter' not educated-unGodly-fools calling the shots. Romans

Pastor Paul Sheehan