The full Counsel Newsletter - No 382


NOR DO I!......AMEN!
(how about you)?
Certainly a far cry from the ministers of today and their "enjoying everyday life thrust"....wouldn't you say?

How in the world could any true minister finish the race of faith in true joy if it was otherwise? I mean, if we didn't really give up our life (give ourselves fully to the Christ) deny ourselves of available sin and follow Mashiah rather than world fashion, trend, material, prosperity and religious denominations and their majority rules standards. St. Paul of Tarsus was a non-conformist to the bone.

When 'your' life is the big deal and everything of this life, buildings, TV, money, fame, fortune, material legacy's, social acceptance, success, education, marriage, children and other god's rather than the only-wise-true-God....'Jesus the Christ' your heart is small, you are limited by you and Father could never be pleased...Luke 17:10

St. Paul lived outside all of the above and was sincerely and ardently determined to do so and I praise Yahweh that he opened my eyes to enable me to do likewise. St. Paul said goal is Yah!

Pablo said, for me, as far as I am concerned, living is not living unless I die to all my earthbound wants and whims and let another / the Christ live through me but then again Paul was a saint not a sinner or a sinner-saint. St. Paul never had a chuck-wagon or a church building or a luxury Roman palace or Grecian designer clothes either but he did write two thirds of the NT and kept

Paul the apostle was too big a character/man to waylay, bother himself with such temporary pursuits as the affairs of this life. Paul lived in 'the substance -the Christ' and was a man of true biblical substance and this was recognised by almighty God/Jesus the Christ.

This life in the flesh is but small, limited, fleeting and illusive and we can have all of this confirmed by and through St. Paul's message. No, Paul built no dinosaur-nest-egg for later in his life, he was a man that trusted God/

Neither did any apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher or evangelist of the NT Times for they too were men who trusted God, let me tell you it's sweet, sweeter than any honey or money I have ever

"I count not my life dear to me!"....the complete opposite to what the American-Fake-Bible-Churches and TV evangelistic salesman/women are proclaiming to the eternal detriment of hundreds of millions of souls. Fallen angels-demons have always served, led and supported fallen men and women whether they be rock stars, government leaders, church leaders with paedophilia taste buds or just money-mammon loving tricksters who say without a blush.....Jesus is Lord!...

If Jesus wills we shall live tomorrow!.....Amen?

Pastor Paul Sheehan