The full Counsel Newsletter - No 340

Chaos Theory

"It is a mischievous illusion," wrote Sidney Dark almost eight decades ago, "that incompatibles can be made compatible and that the contradictory can be made to agree. No society, secular or religious, can permanently exist if it be made up of men who differ on matters of fundamental importance."
    Dark was writing with John Henry Newman and Thomas Arnold in mind. However, his words apply with even greater force today as the Anglican Communion grapples with doctrinal chaos. Katharine Jefferts Schori, recently  elected as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States, included in her first public utterance a reference to "our Mother Jesus". Not surprisingly, she also advocates the ordination of sexually active homosexuals, male and female.
    As worldwide Anglican schism looms on the twin issues of women bishops and homosexuality. Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals alike face a threat in light of which their traditional differences pale into insignificance. Those pressing for the consecration of women as bishops constantly raise allegations of misogyny to divert attention from the fact that the fundamental question raised by such a step are theological. They also exhibit not the slightest concern that unilateral action by Anglicans will destroy prospects of unity with Rome and the Orthodox churches.
   No doubt the doctrinal aberrations evident in the United States will in due course be inflicted on Anglicans in Australia. For some, this would make continued membership of the Anglican Church of Australia impossible.

Alan Fouche
Upper Kedron

Proper reverence

    I write to correct the way a member of St Francis' Theological College faculty was addressed in a recent letter (Leaping to Conclusions, Focus, 2006). The Rev Cathy Laufer is a priest in Holy Orders, duly and legally ordained within the Anglican Church of Australia, which is also part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

Rev Dr Don Saines
St Francis' Theological College.     

● Taken from the 'Focus' a Newspaper for anglicans in Brisbane City............
Page 12/No:326/Aug-2006
The return of Messiah will not come until the falling away from the faith the doctrine of the Christ comes first and there be great apostasy......

Bible Ref / 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, selah.


There is and has been more than chaos in the anglican religion for many centuries. There has been organised

Homosexual leadership in any church claiming salvation is devilish and just as devilish as homosexual membership and female bishops and even as devilish as ongoing 'so called' positions in churches such as "Priest"

        (or his doctrine)

Mr. Saines refers to a woman who apparently is a reverend-priest in the Anglican Church.

I am glad that Mr. Saines said that Cathy Laufer was duly and legally ordained within the 'ANGLICAN' Church of Australia because his comment would not hold water if Messiah had a say in the matter. The priestly practices of the Anglican Church are no more valid than those of the Roman Catholic System - The Mother of Harlot Churches. No man or woman in their righteous mind would or could revere an imposter, a heretic or a liar, religious or


Pastor Paul Sheehan