The full Counsel Newsletter - No 289

...........PHILIPPIANS 1:21

IF I DIE IT WILL BE LUCRATIVE. clickblueyello.gif (1676 bytes) clickblueyello.gif (1676 bytes)
This particular scripture is a powerful piece and I have always found it as per usual typical of St.Pablo in all his writings and attitudes....selfless.

Always heavenward orientated, brother Paul's mind was above where the Christ is seated at the right hand of Father, majesty, glory!.glory!.glory!...Colossians 3:1, 2.

It appears and is blatantly clear that St Paul tells all readers that he has no material visions or plans on the now earth but has a lucrative future elsewhere. And the beautiful thing here is that Pablo doesn't mind one little bit, in fact he is rather taken up with the whole!!

St Paul is not to be seen anywhere here, if he does live it will be the Christ but if he dies he will be in another sphere. Paul saw death as gain not as a tragic thing but gain. And this is true for all spiritual men and women who follow the Christ/Messiah. No disciple of Jesus is looking for anything of this world.

In today's world we have peoples, men, women, old, young, rich and poor all so frantic, fearful, resentful and in dread of dying, all because they love this life, world and the things of this world more than they love the Christ, Jesus. They fight tooth and nail, day and night till every dollar and dime they have is spent to stay alive in this sin cursed earth and live on in the flesh in their sin.

But St Pablo die is to gain!...Every limited world-lover would frown at this and could even consider Pablo a saddest, an anti-social type, a man who hates life even suicidal. But the truth is Jesus the Christ is Life. The way and also the

So enjoying life has nothing to do with self esteem, prosperity-financially or materially or whether people get along with you or not. Neither does life or happiness or success depend upon you doing anything outside of....fearing God and keeping (doing, clinging to and cherishing his) the Christ's Commands......selah!

When you esteem Jesus the Christ to his rightful position as God, King, Lord, Master, Saviour, Shepherd and Infallible Friend your self-esteem will be soaring on eagles wings, you will be an instant success and you will be established and perfect in the eyes of Father, a man of holiness and full of strength, able and capable of escaping all temptation by the unctioning of the paraclete.....can you say yeah?.....1 Corinthians 10:13, Philippians 2;12.

So let me say this, I want you to hear a real bonifide biblical flesh destroying statement that Father gave me while on the battle field under attack, now listen...
clickblueyello.gif (1676 bytes) "Every man and woman in the world and every single circumstance that I am involved in no matter what the flavour or colour, no matter if it be cardinal or venial...all things seen and unseen are working for me (are my unpaid employees) hired by Father whether they be good or evil, they will work for me and my good, all because I love Jesus the Christ."

(to love God is to do what he says.....John 14:23, Luke 6:46)
Bible Ref....Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 12:7.


Pastor Paul Sheehan