The full Counsel Newsletter - No 225

MY FOOD IS TO DO THE WILL OF HIM WHO SENT ME AND TO FINISH................ ............HIS WORK.................................................JOHN 4:34.


Many are they who have become extremely rich through using the name of the homeless king............Jesus the Christ. Rich in earthly wares yet sad to say still beggars concerning the unadulterated truth of the holy, I say holy, yes, I did say holy bible..... ......Revelation 3:17.

Many seated in churches today are going for gold instead of the goal. Jesus says few enter by the narrow (truth) gate yet many decide to take the wide deceitful and carnally comfortable way which eventually leads all (without discrimination) who take it to hell.........the eternal living place of torment, where the worm does never die..........Mark 9:44......(click here).

Messiah tells all the earth what he is filled with, content with, happy with, obsessed with and blessed with and that was and is to do Fathers will and work.

Why didn't the apostles of Jesus the Christ become earthly wealthy, earthly rich, earthly accepted, earthly favoured and earth bound?...Because it was not Messiah's will, Father's will or holy ghost's will. However, this is the will, want, vision, obsession, objective and dream of every degenerated man or woman on the entire sin cursed, briar ridden, thorn filled, thistle laden earth........ ................1 Timothy 6:3-10.

Moses left an earthly inheritance that very few rich and famous men or women of the world today would know about. Moses never did say well.......what I will do is stay here in Egypt and minister to Pharaoh and the people of God at the same time, teaching them how to prosper as he did and at the same time please Yahweh.

My goal is God Himself not joy,nor peace not even blessing but himself my God tis his to lead me there not mine but his at any cost dear lord by any road, are you going  for the gold or the goal?.......(click here).

Many have stored their monies and lands up on the earth, running from town to town, city to city, to and fro across the earth telling all who are foolish enough to listen that they can have their cake and eat it too. That is worship ( love, have as number one, think most about and promote continuously) mammon and the one true God/Jesus the Christ at the same time. Kind of like the old, old picture of Dagon propped up in the temple along side the ark of the covenant.....1 Samuel 5:1-7.

The Syriac word for mammon is gain, the word Dagon means fish and the ark of the covenant is symbolic of the Christ's Doctrine empowered by holy ghost. No man or woman made doctrine, whether pentecostal, baptist, evangelical, roman catholic, or british israel teaching can stand before JTC doctrine they shall all crash to the ground just like Dagon the god of pagan hearts......Revelation 2:16.

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth says the lord Jesus. Be bold, be brave and go for the goal, leave the gold and the earth bound inheritances for the degenerates to fight and cheat over. My kingdom is not of this present world, says Messiah....amen (call today for our kingdom is not of this world) a sure blessing for the noble of heart, no price tags apply.

Pastor Paul Sheehan