My name is Hannah Lyn Sheehan and I am 7 years old and my testimony is........I love Jesus and Jesus loves me, I love my dad, mum and brother Shadrach and they love me too. We all love Jesus and we like to do what he says. We are always happy when we do what Jesus says.

I asked my dad, he's a preacher, if I could do my testimony a few weeks ago and he said...."OK....if you want to, that's a good idea". He said it was a good idea.

A couple of my favourite songs are...'To Get a Touch from the Lord is so Real' and 'I Get So Thrilled With Jesus'.......we sing them in our church.

My dad gave me a little bit of help with my testimony, because he's such a good helper, he likes to help everyone, especially the poor and the unhappy people.

My favourite bible verse is.......ref/John 1:10.

"Jesus was in the world and the world was made through him but the world did not know him"

Sister Hannah Lyn Sheehan
11th October 2010